FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about Enduro Race Kronplatz

General: Is Enduro Race Kronplatz about hardcore racing or is it more about having fun?

Short and sweet: Enduro Race Kronplatz powered by SANTA CRUZ is a demanding and quite technical endure race. Nevertheless, you should have fun at the stages and especially the transfers because there is no time limit for the transfers. Sure there are a handful of really speedy guys or a duo team battling it out – but really the majority of those taking part in Enduro Race Kronplatz are just there to have a good time on the trails with their friends. And then maybe enjoy one (or two) sports drinks afterwards…

Registration: can I reserve places on the starting grid?

In principle, as soon as you register for Enduro Race Kronplatz powered by SANTA CRUZ, a starting place is ‘reserved’ for you. In your registration confirmation you are asked to transfer your entry fee within 10 days. Only once we have received your payment is your starting place confirmed.

Registration: The rider limit has been reached – can I still get a place on the starting grid?

For the Enduro Race Kronplatz powered by SANTA CRUZ we’ve set a rider limit: 300 slots in total means 150 starting slots for the solo riders (Women/Men/Senior) and 75 slots for the duo teams (Women/Men/Mixed).  When the rider limit is first reached, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there are no more starting places as some participants may not have paid their entry fee to confirm their place. Sometimes there can also be one or two participants who can’t compete due to illness or injury. Starting places that become available in this way will be given to riders on the waiting list (in order of registration).

Registration: Do I need a license?

Nope! The race is a touristic event by the region of Kronplatz, so you don’t need a license. For Italian riders with a license. You must be aware of the fact that the race is not officially by the FCI!

Registration: What is the additional accident insurance?

As the terms of participation state, we require participants to have their own insurance that covers rescue and transport costs after an accident as well as any further treatment. We are aware, however, that not all accident insurance policies cover the costs of an accident that happens in competition. It is for this reason that we offer a special sports and competition insurance through our partner svl sports. This additional insurance is OPTIONAL and so it is up to you to decide whether you are sufficiently insured to take part. The insurance fee is paid together with the entry fee; you'll find terms and consitions of the accident insurance here.

Registration: What is cancellation insurance?

As written in the conditions of participation, we assume that the registration is obligatory and cannot be cancelled. To ensure that you do not have to bear the costs in the event of illness, injury, etc., we offer cancellation insurance together with our partner SVL Sports. You can find the exact insurance terms and conditions here.
In the case of individual insurance, only the selected event for which you have taken out the insurance is insured. Season insurance covers all registration fees for sporting events within one year, up to a maximum of 500 € per event. The insurance cover starts on 01.01. of the event year, if the registration takes place before this date. Otherwise the cover starts with the payment of the insurance/registration fee.

Competition: Are full-face helmets compulsory?

Enduro Race Kronplatz powered by SANTA CRUZ requires you to wear a full-face helmet when riding the timed stages and transfers.
As a matter of principle a helmet MUST be worn on ALL parts of the course – including transfer stages!

Competition: What padding must be worn?

Knee OR shin pads MUST be worn on ALL ranked stages AND on all transfers, wearing dorsal protection or a backpack with back protector is MANDATORY, too. We also strongly recommend wearing elbow protectors and long-finger gloves.

Prizes: What do I get for winning?

No prize money is distributed at Enduro Race Kronplatz powered by SANTA CRUZ. Instead, the winners and runners up in places 1 to 3 receive valuable item prizes an other prizes are give out, too.